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Professional Services

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Arborist Reports

Through specialized arborist reports we provide details regarding the health of existing trees and then produce legal documents required by the government for any proposed construction.


Tree Protection Plans

With a tree protection plan, we will outline the necessary precautions needed to ensure the nearby tree's safety during construction or any other activities that may disrupt the tree's wellbeing.


Canopy Cover Plans

Especially important on lots proposed for subdivision a canopy cover plan will illustrate the proposed tree canopy of the developed site in a manner that meets municipal requirements.


Air Spading

We use high pressured air spades to remove soil and expose tree roots for inspection and pruning.


Hydrovac Excavation

We utilize high pressured water and powerful vacuums to expose tree roots at deeper levels.


Tree Care Services

With our tree care partners, Summit can fulfill any of your tree care needs from basic pruning to whole tree removal.

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